Lorna E. Segall earned her Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance, Master’s degree in Music Therapy, and PhD in Music Education with an emphasis in Music Therapy with a certificate in aging studies from the Florida State University. She also earned a Masters in Vocal Performance from Louisiana State University.
Prior to teaching, Dr. Segall practiced as a hospice clinician which included bereavement services for adults, grief camps for children, and Parkinson’s disease support groups. She is a fellow of the National Institute of Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy and participates in trainings both regionally and nationally.

Dr. Segall has served as a clinician in areas of hospice, medical, and corrections. Her primary research interests explore music therapy in inmate rehabilitation, end-of- life/bereavement care, and gerontology. Her vocal background influences her research in exploring how singing impacts the psychological and physiological condition various populations.

In 2014 she created the Behind the Wire Choir at the Wakulla Correctional Institute and in 2016 she received the Mary J. Hilliard award scholarship. She presents and lectures at regional, national, and international conferences. Dr. Segall remains an active music therapy clinician and currently works with the prison medical music therapy population


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