The Neonatal Beat

The Neonatal Beat is a blog created by Dr. Amy Robertson, Director of Music Therapy at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, who has worked in the neonatal intensive care setting for over 10 years.  The purpose of this blog is to improve awareness and confidence in primary care givers working in the NICU when ordering MT services for their patients by attempting to increase communication and knowledge within the online community.  The Neonatal Beat is in partnership with the National Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy Institute which was established in 2005 under the direction of Dr. Jayne Standley.  The mission of the institute is to provide an international focus on research, evidence-based clinical practice, and professional training in the efficacy of music therapy for enhancing and humanizing medical treatment of infants and children.  The Neonatal Beat is also associated with the Early Notes Network (ENN), a collaboration between universities, institutes, hospitals, organizations, and international liaisons initiated by Dr. Jayne Standley, Florida State University to improve access, knowledge, and care through evidence-based music therapy interventions.

A Medical Music Therapy Blog for Primary Care Givers Working in Neonatal Intensive Care

Be knowledgable and be confident!

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