Intervention Ideas

Imagine the Potential

August 22, 2019

Intervention Ideas – Imagine the Potential

by Petra Kern (Ed.)

This 2019 Special Issue of the imagine magazine is a collection of 50 popular song-based intervention ideas for young children of all abilities. In 5 chapters, music therapy authors target the early childhood developmental domains of communication, academic, motor, emotional, and social skills. Each chapter starts with a pop-over infographic displaying research supporting the benefits of music therapy in the specific skill area. Suggested behavior observations assist early childhood educators to collect data and monitor children’s progress. Musical scores to tap on, audio recordings to listen to, and short video snippets demonstrating successful implementation in everyday life makes this book accessible to anyone who wants to maximize children’s learning through music. Download the 2019 Special Issue from Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook for US$39.99 and explore it right away.

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